Lost Dimensions of Time: The Journey 

Lost Dimensions of Time: The Journey 

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I've been writing prose and poetry since I was seven years old. Now thirty-seven, I've got thirty years of experience. It is my belief that everyone on earth has a story, whether they are capable of telling their stories or not. The website you are now on is my lifelong idea that has finally come to actualization. I'm here to share most of the work that I've done over the past ten years and going back even further in some cases (as I don't have most of the stuff that I wrote during my childhood). I would also like to publish the work of anybody not seeking conformity to traditional publishing. My personal work includes, but is not limited to, one novel that is finished, yet unpublished, which I'm working diligently to publish, another solo novel that is still being written in the meantime, and a collaboration with Silver Moura (a long term friend who I've never actually met; thank God for the Internet). It is my guarantee that I will bring you a wide variety of content, including: poetry, short stories, and my own original Tarot and Oracle spreads (this is part of my faith, and I come up with my own spreads, now being pinned in Pinterest and available on my blog on this website) and spiritual guidance as I gain more knowledge in the form of creative nonfiction. I also plan on publishing my novels through this site. Follow our individual journeys, and you will find your way out of the rabbit hole. Or maybe into it!

Joshua C Dansby