Lost Dimensions of Time: The Journey 

Lost Dimensions of Time: The Journey 

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Any possible contributor must be open to spirituality as much as they are open to creative works and content. They must be willing to share personal experiences on their created page involving spiritual experience. This expression of spiritual guidance can take any form that the contributor is skilled and comfortable with, i.e. poetry, prose, short stories, visual art (whether digital or physical), music, or any other medium not mentioned here.

Contributors must be open to every known religion, but do not have to adhere to anything but their own theosophical beliefs, i.e. Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Wiccan, etc.

(It is the publisher's belief that all religion comes from one Divine Source. It is also the publisher's belief that there is a common thread within every religion that ties them together [adhering to the theosophy of Prisca Theologia].)

Not all creative work must be spiritual in content. This site is designed to help all people with creative talent to publish their works in a way that does not conform to traditional publishing of any medium of artistic expression. All forms of creative work will be considered for epub or other mediums based on the submitted content of the artist.

Profits generated from submitted works will be compensated in the way of royalties, subject to compensation for the market through whatever percentage of the work that the market retains. (The publisher is currently using gumroad: "Gumroad – Sell what you know and see what sticks" https://gumroad.com; but market is subject to change based on productivity.) All profit after the original retainer of the market will be compensated to the creative content contributor, except for a small fee withheld by the publisher used for promotional purposes of the publisher's website.

All creative content contributors will be given their own marketing and blog pages controlled by the publisher (the publisher at this time is not capable of giving creative control to the contributor). However, submissions made to the pages will be controlled by the contributors. (Contributors will retain all copyrights to any original content.)

At this time, the publisher has 30 pages available on their website, and the publisher will never hold more than 33% of the pages. This means that at the current moment, the publisher can offer up to 10 people two pages for their own content, including a blog page and a market page. Both pages will be controlled by the publisher based on submissions made by the contributor.

If interested, please notify the publisher through the contact page.

(Disclaimer: All royalties subject to negotiation with the contributor's best interest at heart. The publisher will never hold more than 15% for marketing purposes.)

Joshua C Dansby